High Performance Concrete Coating

The ultimate top coat for concrete previously treated with PIM+ or PIM+ Type S

DynaCrete PTS+ was developed as a water-based, colorless, odorless, ready to use, coating for all concrete previously treated with either DynaCrete PIM+ or PIM+ Type S, but it will coat any other surface it doesn’t bead up on; rock, wood, etc. DynaCrete PTS+ provides a hard-wearing, hydrophobic surface upon which all liquids will bead up.

PTS+ Benefits:

  • Replaces much more expensive coatings 
  • Produces an easy-to-clean, bead-up surface
  • Every liquid, even weak acids bead up for easy removal 
  • Increases protection from rain, pressure washing, de-icing salts, and wear due to abrasion
  • PTS+ is water-based, 100% safe, eco-friendly, with zero VOC’s

Product Application:

  • Is safe for the applicator, animals, and plants
  • Is best applied with a pump-up hand sprayer
  • Coverage is about 1000 sq. ft. per pail

Common Structures to be Treated:

  • Farm infrastructure needing protection from anaerobic acids I.e., bunker silos, lactic acid I.e., milking parlors and uric acid I.e., barns
  • Concrete driveways, exposed aggregate and, paving stones
  • Concrete bridge decks


  • Manufactured in Canada to ISO 14001 standards
  • CFIA tested and approved
  • BC MOTH approved product


  • 20 liter pails
  • 208 liter drums