Agricultural Buildings

22 October 15

Recent examples of applications:

  • December 2022 – The new Arkell Swine Research Centre at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, Frey Building Contractors, builder, has again specified DynaCrete products to treat the concrete slabs and concrete floor grates
  • November 2022 – Soulstone Poultry Inc., in Brussels, Ontario, specifies DynaCrete PIM+ and DynaCrete PTS+ topcoat to protect their 35,000 square foot floors, and DynaCrete PIM+ on the outside and inside of 18,000 square feet of walls in their new feed and meal storage facility to stop moisture from transferring through the walls into their meal bins.
  • October 2022 – Springside Colony, Brooks, Alberta, specifies DynaCrete PIM+ Type S, and DynaCrete PTS+ to protect the first of their three 25,000-square-foot turkey barns.
  • July 2022 – Autumn Hills Farms, Black Creek, BC., on Vancouver Island specifies DynaCrete PIM+ and DynaCrete PTS+ to protect the floors of their new and older buildings
  • May 2022 – R. Newman & sons Farms, Delta, British Columbia, specifies DynaCrete PIM+ and DynaCrete PTS+ to protect the floors of their new barns.
  • February 2022 – CJ Concrete Grooving continues to use, since 2013, DynaCrete PIM+ Type S, on milking parlors they groove, as it reduces slipperiness caused by penetration of liquids into the concrete resulting in bacteria growth. DynaCrete makes cleaning easier, and less costly and the floors stay clean longer.


Examples of some long-term relationships and applications:

  • 2018 – Farmers Pharmacy, renamed Farmers Depot in 2020, becomes a national distributor of DynaCrete products
  • 2019 – Schippers Canada becomes a distributor in Alberta
  • 2019 – FGC, Sebringville, Ontario, a prefab concrete manufacturer of concrete slats etc., for farmers start using DynaCrete products
  • 2019 – Luke Freeman, Guelph, Ontario, (Mennonite) requests DynaCrete PIM+ and DynaCrete PTS+ topcoat be used to protect the floors on his new 25,000 square foot barn and milking parlor.
  • 2018 – Miller Research Centre, University of Vermont, D.E.W. Const. Corp., builders, DynaCrete PIM+ and DynaCrete PTS+ were specified to protect the 25,000 square foot floors on two new buildings.
  • 2002 – Springside (Hutterite) Colony continues to use DynaCrete products, DynaCrete PIM+ Type S since 2002, when used on their new 30,000 square-foot bunker silo.